Xbox 360 MIDI Controller

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This project was developed for the Inquiry Seminar on Interactive Music Systems in C term 2013 by Zachary Goddard

The project takes an Xbox 360 Controller and maps it so that the user can control MIDI in three different modes. This was achieved through the use of a scripting program called GlovePIE and patches developed in MAX MSP. The three modes are as follows:

  1. Chord Generator Mode - This mode lets the user play the 4 chords using the A, X, B, and Y buttons on the Xbox Controller. The Left and Right Triggers chose whether chords 1-4 or 5-8 are played. The Left Joystick also causes pitch bend when moved up and down.
  2. Percussion Mode - This mode allows the user to map any of the percussion instruments on MIDI channel 10 to any of the buttons on the Xbox controller.
  3. Sound Clip Mode - This mode lets the user record audio clips up to 5 seconds long for any of the buttons on the Xbox controller. Pressing the corresponding button will cause the audio clip to play back.

Below is a video demonstration of the project.

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Final Project Documents