Subtractive Synth

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I planned on using my existing keyboard MAX patch as a way to input sound to a synthesizer I created in MAX. I attmempted to create a copy of a VST plugin's used by DAWs, so that people can use one if they don't have access to expensive DAWs. The keyboard will be used by the synthesizer as a MIDI device, and each key sends a different frequency to the synthesizer. Each frequency value is then turned into a wave form with that frequency. The synthesizer works by filtering out, subtracting, certain frequency values from the input wave. This changes the wave and how it looks. There are also preset wave forms that can be then further modified by the filter. The synthesizer is currently unable to play more than one note at a time, and there are a few bugs with sustaining a note. Additionally it has no guards in place to keep the gain at a reasonable level. Theoretically it can go as high as possible which is a bad idea, and it is up to the user to control the gain.

Two Videos of the synth in action: An Explanation of how the Synthesizer works

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A further explanation of how the Synthesizer works, with demonstrations

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