Floppy Drive Music

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For my project, I made system that uses floppy drives to create music. An example of this can be seen here in this YouTube video. Notes can be played with floppy drives because they use stepper motors to move the reader head. Unlike a typical DC motor that spins continuously, a stepper motor only spins in small increments or steps. By changing the frequency of the steps, you can vary the pitch of the sound produced by the drive. A drive can only make a single note at a time, so to play notes simultaneously, you need multiple drives. YouTube user Sammy1Am has open source code that I used to control my system.

This project was created by Will Parker to fulfill the requirements for HU 3910.


- PC, Arduino, 3.5" Floppy Disk Drives (with 40 pin connector, not usb)


- Java 7 or later, Arduino IDE, Moppy (download, git)

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