FRC Reveal Song Mashup

From vjmedia

For this project I created a mashup of the songs used in several popular robot reveal videos from FIRST Robotics Competition. Each year, many of the top teams make robot reveal videos to showcase the functionality of their newest robot, and many of them are notorious for having popular soundtracks. In this project, I took some of the best "reveal songs" and made a mashup/medley out of them using Ableton Live. I used tempo warping in order to get the songs to match up rhythmically, and the first track in the song is actually a file that controls the master tempo, as there are a few overall tempo changes in the song. For the most part I was able to make the warping sound fairly smooth, but in one or two songs, mainly "Unstoppable" (at about 2:30) there was still a little choppiness from the warping that was essentially impossible to get rid of. I tried to make the song transitions make sense either musically or lyrically. Generally music of similar genres would have a transition at a spot in which the two songs have something in common, whereas songs of slightly differing genres would most likely have something in common lyrically or make sense running into each other lyrically.

This video shows the Arrangement View of the full Ableton Live project in which this piece was created.

The full Ableton Live file can be found here: File:FRC Reveal Song Mashup Zip

A .wav file of the project can be found here. File:FRC Reveal Mashup.wav