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EAMIR logo.png EAMIR is an open-source music technology project involving alternate controllers, sensors, and adaptive instruments to facilitate music composition, performance, and instruction through a collection of interactive music systems. The EAMIR software apps have been implemented in classrooms, including special needs and disabilities populations, research projects, and composition/performance environments.

This project was developed by V.J. Manzo and is available here.

To learn more about the various projects within EAMIR please follow any of the following links:

-EAMIR SDK - Software Development Kit

-EAMIR KeyViewer - a keyboard visualizer

-IMTCP - Interactive Music Technology Curriculum Project

-EAMIR Smart IWB - Interactive White Board

-Automata - a number-based composition system

-Lazy Guy - color and gesture tracking

-Monochrome - for graphics tablet

-Guitar EAMIR-o - for Guitar Hero controller

-DDR EAMIR - for Dance Pad controller

-Mouse-Control - for mouse and track-pad

-P5 Glove - for P5 gaming glove interface

-EAMIR Tiles - force sensor pad project

-Slider - touchscreen interface

-EAMIR padKontrol - for Korg padKontrol

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