AXIS Glove

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AXIS is a motion tracking glove designed to capture real-world events and provide interpretable data to computers. AXIS allows for the creation and manipulation of digital content through manipulation in 3D space. The Glove was developed by a third-party team, and software was written to interpret information form the glove and convert it into MIDI data for live musical performance.

Project Files

Glove Hardware

The glove is designed around an AVR micro controller and 9 Degree of Freedom IMU for motion procession. The glove uses 6 variable resistive flex sensors embedded in the fingers of the glove to track finger curl. In addiion to this, an array of controllable pager motors offers directional haptic feedback. Both wired and wireless connectivity are offered, and the glove sends serial data over IEEE standard 802.15.4 wireless networks.


Host Software

The host software was written in Processing with JAVA to track the hand position and convert the raw sensor data into interpretable data for other software. Additional supporting software was written in MAX/MSP to interpret MIDI data generated from the Processing program and relay it to an Ableton Live set.

Demonstration Videos

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